Chimps, Primates, birds, moths, butterflies, snakes, frogs, toads.

A trip to Kibale National Park will have you exposed to the closest relative to man, the chimpanzees. Research has revealed that the genes of chimps are approximately 98% similar to that of man. Their feeding and way of life will certainly leave you with no doubt how closely similar they are to human beings! The different primates will definitely crown your visit to this park .These primates include the olive baboon, black and white colobus monkey as well as the red-tailed monkey among the many others you will sight in this park. The Park has a recorded 355 bird species.

Day 1: Transfer to Kibale.
Early transfer to Kibale National Park. Have lunch in Fort Portal town and afternoon visit to the Bigodi Swamp for a nature walk. Expect to see primates and plenty of bird species.
Dinner and Overnight at Kibale Guest Cottages.

Day 2: Habituation Experience.
Early morning at 5:30 am transfer to Kanyanchu tourist center in Kibale National Park. Kibale forest hosts the highest concentration of primates in East Africa. A guided Chimpanzee habituation experience in the tropical rainforest in search of the wild chimpanzee, will give you opportunity to stay with the Chimps for longer hours. You can see the chimps de-nesting (coming out of their nocturnal nests) between 05:30 – 06:30 am and stay with them during the day until they create new nests and retire for night around 6:00 am .The activity provides opportunities for tourists to spend more time with the chimps and learn more about their behaviors by making data recording on each of the chimpazees. You can also see other primates such as red-tailed monkey, black-and-white colobus monkey and many other primates which will enhance your tourism experience, the guide will also be telling you various facts about the flora and fauna of the forest. A maximum of six visitors per group are allowed per shift.

Day 3:

Repeat the Chimp habituation experience. Return to the Cottages in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Departure.
Return to Kampala.

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