The Rwenzori Mountains climb takes 7 days in the mountains and allows an ascent of the highest peak, and is guided by experienced and well trained local mountain guides on ice .You shall fully be accompanied with a cook to prepare the meals. South African camping equipment of good quality is used. Hikers may not ascend to any peaks if they so wish.

The ‘Rwenzori’, or ‘Mountains of the Moon’, situated along the Western border of Uganda contain some of East Africas most unusual and luxuriant vegetation and beautiful lakes. The main summit, Margherita (5109m), rising out of the Stanley Plateau, is the largest glaciated area in Africa Rwenzori Mountains offers visitors a unique experience of an Afro-Montane rainforest. The outstanding attraction is the luxuriant vegetation found above 3000m, which includes the giant forms of Lobelia, Heather and Groundsel.

The mountains range supports a diversity of habitats Including mammals and over 170 bird species, several of the latter being Albertine Rift endemics. The hyrax, blue monkey, chimpanzee, giant forest hog and many unique bird species such as the Rwenzori Turaco, the Handsome Francolin and the Olive Pigeon. Other short local trips etc can be added on to these climbs, to see a variety of game and wildlife as well as primates in Queen Elizabeth Park or Kibale forest as well as a visit to the gorilla parks.

Day 1:

Arrival at Entebbe International Airport, do some shopping modalities and transfer to Kampala hotel or Hotel Margherita in Kasese depending on the arrival time. It takes 6.5 hours to the Rwenzori mountains Park.

Day 2:

After breakfast transfer to Nyakalengija park headquarters for a 5-6 hour climb into the mountains. We shall arrive in time so that we get 4porters per person and guides .You must hire or have with you gumboots, water proof trousers, rain coat, worm jacket, hand gloves, scarf, jumper, torch, and drinking water, a pair of crampons, snow gloves, snow goggles, climbing boots, rope and ice axe, as you reach the glacier area, rucksack, sleeping bag for low temperature, sleeping mat, kitchen cutlery for your self.

The trek takes you through Bakonjo farms, and thick Equatorial vegetation, open bracken fern slopes and Podorcarpus Forest, up to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m, which is the arrival point for the day. This will take from 5 to 6 hours.

Dinner and overnight at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 3:

After early breakfast, set off for morning hike to cross the Kurt Schafer Bridge through a muddy area to have a glance at the sparkling Mubuku River confluence.

The path becomes rocky and steeper as you enter the moorland zone where heather plants are prolific leading to Nyamileju hut where we shall take a Lunch break. This point marks the start of the giant lobelia and groundsel zone. The way proceeds through a bog full of typical plants along the Bujuku River. The final point is John Matte Hut, 3,414 m for spending the night. From Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte it can take approximately 6 hours.

Day 4: Bijou Hut.

We shall set off through the giant Lobelias and heath trees and ascend up to the Bigo Bog and a panoramic landscape of Lobelias and gigantic Groundsels. This hike may take us five hours, as it involves jumping from tussock to tussock. We shall pass via Lake Bujuku prior to our arrival at Bujuku hut. At Bujuku you have a view of the peaks of Mount Stanley, Mount Baker and Mount Speke. From Bujuku starts the diversion for whom intends to climb Mount Speke. For climbing Margherita and Alexandra peaks it is advised to proceed to Elena Hut for overnight.

Day 5: Mount Victoria & Mount Speke.

Early morning departure from the valley with scenic alpine vegetation consisting of huge Groundsels and Lobelia and finally ascend Mount Victoria and Mount Speke at (4890 meters).

Day 6: Elena Hut.

Depart and see the magnificent views of the Savoia and Elena glaciers. Climb further through to the Scott Elliott pass (4372 meters) and proceed through the snow to the Elena hut for overnight rest.

Day 7: Final Ascent to the Alps of Africa!

Morning trek to the snowy Alexander peak (5092m) and continue onwards to the supreme Margherita peak at (5109m).We shall thereafter descend to the beautiful Lake Kitandara for overnight at Kitandara hut (3900m).

Day 8: Descent, Guy Yeoman Hut.

After early breakfast, we shall descend to the Guy Yeoman hut. We shall take a picnic lunch en route before reaching at Guy Yeoman hut for dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Return to Kasese.

Descend to Nyabitaba to reach Nyakalengija .it can take up to three hours. From Nyabitaba

Day 10: Back to Kampala.

Please note that the following is required for your mountain tracking.

– Crampons

– Sleeping bags

– Sleeping mats

– Rops – Available at 5000/= for the whole trip

– Climbing boots

– Rubber boats

– Gaiter – Hired at 5000/=

– Hanex – available at 10,000/=

– Rain gear

– Snow glasses

– Gloves

– Food

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